Highly educated and experienced staff

Asa Aka Qeshm has been working with highly educated and experienced engineers in dye stuff and textile auxiliary field.

Importing and presenting dye stuffs And textile auxiliaries

Asa Aka Qeshm Co.(Pvt) has over 20 years of experience in dye stuffs and textile industry.

Well equipped lab for testing Different dye stuff and textile auxiliary

Asa Akam Qeshm Co.(Pvt) has an advanced and well equipped lab for testing dye stuff and textile auxiliaries.

Importing dyestuff and textile auxiliary

Importing dyestuff and textile auxiliaries and we are the representative from the most reputable companies from around the globe.

Asa Akam Qeshm Company represents

Asa Akam Qeshm company’s Products

Asa Akam Qeshm Co. represents best products from the most reputable manufacturers from around the globe.

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  • Asa Aka Qeshm Co.(Pvt), Unit 7, No. 109, Shirazi Shomali St., Mollasadra Ave, Tehran, Iran
  • Tell : 021 886 118 26
  • Fax : 021 886 124 38
  • asaakam.qeshm[@]yahoo.com

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